The Projects


Son Vent is a 3 storeys building with 6 apartments, 2 basements and community areas, such a gym, garden or pool. Located in Cala Mayor, Palma, at 2 minutes walking from a beach. It was completely sold in 1 month through the renders. After having started the construction by the end of 2018, the project is expected to be completed in summer of 2020.


IM14 (Infantería Marina, 14) is a 3 storeys building with 3 apartments of 92m2 each one, and 1 basement for parking, storage rooms and installations. Located in a corner plot in Cala Mayor, Palma, at 2 minutes walking from a beach, it has sea views to the east and south, and mountain open views to the north and west.

We develop unique and modern properties in attractive locations

About us

Palma Urban developments was founded by 4 local professionals, whose skills and knowledge makes the perfect combination to develop real estate projects. The reason is that not only they are the promoters, but also they are the architect, the technical architect, the engineer and the builder of their projects, so the implication goes to the maximum level to deliver to the investor the best result.

A common denominator of Palma Urban Developments is our high demands on architecture, design and innovative thinking, and to be able to offer services that make everyday life more convenient for our clients.

No two Palma Urban developments buildings are the same, and we always aim to create unique homes based on the potential each individual building has to offer.

 We develop the entire process of the project by ourselves, keeping in direct touch with the final client, taking care of every detail.

We create attractive homes and contribute to sustainable urban development with a particular focus on design, architecture and an understanding of how people want to live. Questions regarding the environment, or safety energy are an integral part of the business. By consolidating and standardizing processes, methods and materials, we can ensure that we are focusing on the topics that make a difference.


Our projects are designed by Jaime Salvá, a local and experimented architect that has a modern and contemporary style, with traditional and Mediterranean materials. Our projects are clean and functional, taking into consideration the requirements from the clients.


In recent times, engineering has become one of the most important values of the development of a project. We are very demanding with it, looking for sustainability and energy saving, respecting the environment.

Project Management

Our team has the perfect combination to control every aspect of the construction process, coordinating the best professionals on the island, bring to the final client the best result.


We build projects with the best professionals on the island, delivering on time and getting the best quality. The client can enjoy the process of the construction process of the house of their dreams with the best guarantee.